Glen and Fiona from Lionheart Photography, stomping on grapes at Oakridge Winery.

about glen and fiona

Lionheart Photography is run by husband & wife team Glen and Fiona Holdaway. We first launched our wedding photography business in Noosa, Queensland, mid 2010. At the end of 2016 we pulled up our roots and relocated ourselves and our biz to Melbourne, Victoria. While photographing Brisbane and Sunshine Coast weddings was fun, Melbourne was always our holiday location for many years and somewhere we wanted to be more and more often. Melbourne is a place we love, that is close to our heart. A place we love to explore, and always wanted to move to, so finally we did.

We’ve set up home in Balwyn, which is roughly halfway between Melbourne city and the start of the Yarra Valley, so we can focus heavily on those rad areas. Close enough we can jump on a tram and head to the city for a coffee, or just a short drive out to our favourite wine-tasting hotspots in the Yarra Ranges.

We’re passionate about spending time with our family & friends; for heading to food truck parks and trying new street foods; date nights out at the cinema watching the latest superhero films, and cuddling up on the couch binging on Netflix for far too long. That’s pretty much the short version “about us”.

We decided not to make this a page about how long we have been shooting weddings, or what type of equipment we use, because chances are you don’t really care much about that, and it’s just not that important. If you’re seriously thinking of hiring us to shoot what is one of the most important days of your lives – which we don’t take on lightly – then you’ll probably want to get to know everything about us.

We believe there’s something important about having trust and a good connection with your photographer. So, read on, and get to know all about us.

Glen Holdaway from Lionheart Photography

Glen and Fiona from Lionheart Photography

Fiona Holdaway from Lionheart Photography

a chat with glen

What’s your spare time look like?
I love to watch old films – Love it. Like the original star wars movies, pulp fiction, robocop, that sort of thing. There’s something awesome about the practical visual effects of the day that brings a smile to my face. I love to take photos, obviously, that’s my job… but I do try and challenge myself with something a little different to the daily grind, like a little street photography shooting in black & white only, or filming video and making little vlogs (maybe one day soon I share these). Travel photography is a huge passion right now – nothing better than that. If I could go back to New Zealand every year for a snowboarding holiday and photograph the sun as it sets over the snow-capped mountains of Queenstown every evening, I’d be a very happy dude.

We’ve not long landed in Melbourne so there’s plenty to explore, so that’s kept me very busy. Films and Netflix at night for sure. One of my weird hobbies is always learning and researching stuff. For the last two years I’ve been studying Spanish, starting my day with 15 minutes learning some new words using a language app. It’s been awesome to learn another language and challenge myself, definitely fun, so that fits in here. I’m also a huge podcaster, so I’ve got a nice list of podcasts I subscribe to that get a work out daily, either during my morning coffee or walking around the block. On the list right now is the Gary Vee podcast, Moment of Clarity, and Collider Movie News podcasts.

What’s your favourite foods?
I could eat Nando’s every day – shout out to the peri-peri sauce. Mexican food is always on my radar, and I’m partial to a thai red curry too. Ok, I like spicy food. Most of all, I love to cook at home and get creative in the kitchen when I have time. Nothing better than throwing together a quick stir fry with pak choy and wild mushrooms.

What music do you listen to?
Everything. Seriously. Back in the day it was Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Green Day & New Found Glory. Currently, I’m keen on stuff like Of Monsters and Men, Passenger and Bastille – and that’s just the short list. Music is a big part of my life. My spotify premium account certainly gets a workout.

What do you value the most?
Fiona. My family. Good friends. My hard drive backups?!? The opportunity to travel, laugh, smile, and spend time with those who I care the most about on earth.

What causes or organisations do you care about?
I’m a big fan of this home & school for disadvantaged children in Guatemala. We’ve been lucky enough through our success in wedding photography to be able to donate some money every year to their cause. The work they do is awesome: saving children from poverty, and providing them with education and a safe place. It’s called Casa Guatemala, you can find them at

“Glen & Fiona were amazing. We knew they were the perfect fit when we spent a couple hours in our first meeting, talking about Star Wars, Mexican food and falling in love with our Surprise-Birthday-Wedding ideas. On the day, they made us feel comfortable standing in front of the camera, capturing Ben and I exactly how we are, no fake cheesy grins or structured poses. Just capturing the moment with a very laid back approach that we both appreciate.

With my birthday being the day of the wedding, Glen somehow managed to sneak off during the night to get one of the photos we had just taken printed and put in a frame to give to me. They stopped at nothing to make sure that we got all that we wanted from the day. Towards the end of the night, Fiona followed Ben around for half an hour or so getting “selfies” with everyone. They both went above and beyond to make our day absolutely amazing!”

– Danica

a chat with fiona

What do you do for fun?
I LOVE movies; watching them, finding out news about new ones, collecting memorabilia, everything! I’d really like to be in a movie one day, just if you know anyone? Reading is another addiction that possibly fills up a bit too much of my time. I enjoy grabbing my kindle and hiding under a blanket to read in my spare time. And I’m slowly writing my first novel, which is very much a fun and interesting process for me.

I love hanging out with my friends and heading to the cinema, or a new restaurant, or occasionally some light mountain climbing (not with ropes or anything). And, of course, spending time with my awesome family is high on the list. My number one thing to do in my spare time… TRAVEL! Photography has started to take us to a few new places, which has been a blessing, but I’ve got many more places to explore. My bucket list is pretty much just a picture of the world.

What’s your favourite foods?
I LOVE sushi, I love pancakes, and Thai food is a favourite too. I make an amazing white choc and raspberry cheesecake… mmmm, cheesecake! Not a huge fan of hot & spicy stuff like Glen, but I definitely do love a good (mild) curry or stir-fry. I’m pretty lucky that Glen’s a good cook (better than me, but don’t tell him tho) and we enjoy cooking together in the kitchen (and usually dancing stupidly to music while we do).

What do you value the most?
Glen. I know it sounds sappy, but he really is an answer to my prayers. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. My family, of course, I’m crazy lucky that I can say I have an awesome family, in-laws, extended, cousins, aunts and uncles – they’re all fun people that all get along and I love it. That I was born in a free country and can travel if I wish. Laughter. Love. Honesty. Faith.

What causes or organisations do you care about?
I am also very passionate about stopping child slavery and prostitution. An organisation whose work I’m passionate about is They do amazing work, and they need our support.