Wedding day emergency kit by Lionheart Photography.

25 Things You Need In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit, And Did You Even Know You Needed One?

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25 things you need in your wedding day emergency kit, by Lionheart Photography.

Getting ready on your wedding day, surrounded by your closest friends and family, is a super-fun and special way to spend the morning, and more and more brides & grooms are choosing to get ready in Airbnb’s or Hotel Suites rather than at their own home.

The benefits of getting ready for your wedding at a nice Airbnb are endless, such as choosing a location that is much closer to your wedding venue, or taking advantage of a nice open, well-lit fresh space, which you’ll find is usually a lot more relaxing than home. And then there’s always the little things, like not having random drop-ins from extended family, fewer distractions to get in the way of your getting ready process, more room for the Hair & Makeup team to work, and so on.

While getting ready for your wedding, it’s always good to have a few emergency supplies & luxuries on-hand. A “box of goodies” just in case anything unplanned happens, that may come in handy during prep time, but that you can also take with you as backup supplies throughout the entire wedding day.

Enter, the “Wedding Day Emergency Kit”.

Wedding day emergency kit by Lionheart Photography.

It’s pretty much guaranteed: every wedding something will go wrong, that’s just life. But luckily they’re generally really, really minor issues, easily fixed with the right tools. You’ll quickly find that a little bit of preparation goes a long way.

Being prepared ahead of time could save you many a headache on your wedding day, and if Murphy’s Law has taught us anything, if you’ve prepped for it, you won’t need any of it. But, that perfectly OK too – A smooth-running wedding day sounds great, doesn’t it!?

A Wedding Day Emergency Kit is a fantastic tool to have by your side, from getting ready in the morning to the last dance at the end of the reception. You’ll be free to relax and not have to worry about what to do if your zip breaks when getting into your dress, or a groomsman splits his pants during photos, or your sister feels faint because she forgot to eat lunch, or your husband-to-be gets a killer headache. Yip, we’ve seen these things happen at many weddings we’ve attended, and several other little hiccups like them.

Some of the stuff on the list below you might naturally have with you anyway, but having it all together in one place in a nice little box, means it’s easily on-hand when and if you need it. The items don’t have to be expensive, or fancy for that matter, but just these basics could save you some stress, and the awkwardness of having to send mum off to the shops at the last minute.

Wedding day emergency kit by Lionheart Photography.

Below are the basics of what I recommend purchasing or rounding-up to form your own Wedding Day Emergency Kit. Of course, customise it to yours and your friends & families needs. The more personalised, the better!

Here’s the Essentials for your kit:

Tissues: To mop up all those happy tears
Breath Mints: To make sure that first kiss is minty-fresh
Lipstick or Gloss: After all that kissing you might need a touch-up
Tweezers: In case of stray hairs or splinters
Travel Hairspray: To keep every strand of hair in place
Clear Nail Polish: Whether it’s a chip in your polish or a hole in some stockings
Blotting Paper: To absorb extra shine and oil, perfect for warm days
Fashion Tape: Great for preventing wardrobe malfunctions
Mini Sewing Kit with a Needle, Thread and Safety Pins: If a bead falls off, a zipper breaks or a hem is too long
Panadol: To get rid of that damn headache
Band-Aids / Blister Blockers: Helps a lot with those new shoes
Protein Bar or Snacks: Someone’s always so excited they forgot to eat
Super Glue: Fixes broken shoes, fallen jewels or damaged decorations
Sunscreen: You never know how long you’ll be outside
Toothpicks / Dental Floss: Just because the food was delicious doesn’t mean you need it hanging around
Q-Tips or Makeup Remover: For those makeup mishaps and touch-ups
Tampons and/or Panty Lines: Even if you don’t need them, someone may
Allergy Medicine (Zyrtec, etc): Hay-fever strikes at the worst of times
Deodorant: Almost every wedding has someone who forgets to put some on
Phone Charger: To keep your phone lasting all day, especially if your ‘walk down the aisle’ song is only on your phone
Bobby Pins & Hair Ties: To keep everyone’s hair looking it’s best
Insect Repellent: You never know when nature will attack, especially at an outdoor wedding
Hand Sanitizer: Always a handy thing to have around
Water: Dehydration can be a real issue, especially if it’s hot
Lint Roller: Keeps everyone looking sharp

And maybe some Optional Extras…

Antacids: Good food doesn’t always stay where it’s supposed to
Baby Powder: Great for warm days to help reduce sweat
Straws: Keeps that lipstick off your champagne glass
Cash/Card: What if the drink you want isn’t on the tab, or you *need* a cheeseburger run on the way to the next location
Eye Drops: For tired, dry eyes (caused by the pre-wedding celebrations maybe?!)
Moisturiser: Dry hands and legs can be uncomfortable
Baby Wipes: For spills and marks
Crochet Hook: If you have a button-up dress
Toothbrush & Toothpaste: Whether an excited bride forgot to brush or a forgetful groomsman forgot to pack his
Alcohol: Just in case a little liquid courage is needed
Chocolate: A girl’s best friend and great sugar hit

So wait, what about the guys?…

Though this list is targeted for the ladies, guys shouldn’t feel left out. This is a great idea for you too. For the gentlemen, swap out a few items not needed above, and throw in some spare black socks, maybe an extra belt, a spare set of cuff-links, nail clippers, cologne, hair wax, etc, and you’re all set!

That’s it. A simple tool box, that can be a luxury on your wedding day or a much-needed life saver! I’d say the Scouts were right: Always be prepared.

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