Our COVID-Safe Plan

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This is Lionheart’s COVID-safe plan in respect to Adventure Sessions, Couple’s Shoots and Family Shoots.

Lionheart Photography is dedicated to protecting our clients and our community by following a COVID-Safe plan for our business activities in Melbourne & Victoria. We will be following current safe hygiene procedures and following current risk reduction plans. As permitted workers by the Victorian Government as of 19th October 2020, we are now allowed to recommence work in Metropolitan Melbourne. We will be carrying work permits and a COVID-Safe plan with us during any photoshoots and business activities.

This COVID-Safe Plan is effective as of October 22nd, 2020.
Last updated October 22nd, 2020.

Physical Distancing & Prevention

  • All client meetings will be held over the phone or video chat.
  • During photoshoots, the photographer/s will stay 1.5m apart from clients at all practicable times.
  • All photoshoots will take place in a public space outdoors.

Photographers’ Health

  • If one of us is feeling unwell, we will self isolate, seek testing, and any photoshoots will be postponed.
  • If one of us is confirmed to have COVID-19, we will both isolate for a minimum of 14 days, monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice.


  • All equipment being used for a photoshoot will be cleaned and sanitised prior to use.
  • Clients are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment – including helping with carrying or loading in/out.
  • Photographers will no longer be able to assist in taking photos using another person’s camera/phone.


  • We will have hand sanitiser on-hand, use it ourselves, and make it available for our clients to use.
  • We will ensure extra hand washing & sanitising is adhered to; ie before & after travelling, before starting a session.

Face Masks

Record Keeping

  • We will keep records of our job movements during photoshoots and contact details for all photoshoot participants.
  • We will keep records of key personnel, such as other suppliers.
  • In the event that one of us becomes unwell within 14 days after the event, we will contact the clients and any suppliers and inform them that we are undergoing testing and awaiting results. We will advise the clients of the results.
  • We will immediately notify the DHHS and WorkSafe if one of our team members is COVID positive.

Booked In & Feeling Unwell?

  • If you are feeling unwell and have any flu-like symptoms ahead of your photoshoot, your session will need to be postponed. Please get in contact so we can postpone your session until all persons are healthy and have tested negative, at which point we can choose a new date for your session.

Business Contact Details

Business Name: Lionheart Photography
Team members: Glen Holdaway, Fiona Holdaway.

Contact Name: Glen Holdaway
Phone Number: 0411 300 105
Email Address: hello@lionheart.com.au