Wedding Photography Melbourne of Charli and Andy's ceremony by Lionheart Photography

frequently asked questions

What do you charge for weddings?
We photograph your whole wedding day for $3200. That tends to be around 8 hours coverage, from getting ready to the evening reception when the formalities are over and everyone is drunk-dancing their hearts out. For all the nitty-gritty, get in contact for our detailed pricelist, and let’s schedule a time for a coffee & chat so we can go through the finer details.

Should we be investing in an Album?
Absolutely! We do offer wedding photography coverage that doesn’t include an album or extras, because they’re not for everybody and you might want to look at it later down the track. But as we write this, looking at our most recent 10 weddings, 7 of those couples have invested in an Album – That’s amazing!

We believe in Albums so much, because we believe in creating family heirlooms. Something that you’ll pass down to your kids and grandkids, and you just simply can’t do that with a USB stick. Once we put one of our Hand-Crafted Albums in a couple’s hands, it’s hard to dispute the quality and the emotional connection you get from having something to hold and share. When we started our career in wedding photography it was all about delivering images on CD’s, and now you can’t even buy a laptop with a CD drive! They’ve become obsolete. We believe beautiful photographs should be shared and enjoyed, not lost to technology.

So, do we get two photographers for our day?
Kinda. We’re a husband and wife team, so you’ll get both Glen and Fiona on the day. You don’t exactly get two photographers taking photos non-stop all day – that would actually be too much – but rather a team that documents the day the best way possible. We prefer to refer to the experience we offer as “one-and-a-half photographers”, or a lead photographer and an assistant / second shooter. There’s parts of the day when we’re both taking photos, such as the ceremony, when we’re getting different angles for you, and then there’s the parts of the day when we get the best results from one of us pointing the camera, and the other assisting with gear/flashes/reflectors/holding bouquets/making bad jokes, and all that fun stuff.

Do we get High-Res images?
High Resolution – at least in the photography world – is such an ambiguous term. How big does that mean? and how large can you print with them? It seems to mean different things to different photographers. We’ll often use the term “Full Resolution” when talking about our image files, which to us means “as big as they come out of the camera”. We do have a need to crop photos down occasionally, as we use professional prime (fixed) lenses rather than zoom lenses, so adjusting the size may happen to tweak the framing, but other than that we give the same size photos to you as we have ourselves – so yes, your images are very much “high-res”.

Editing / B&W / Printing, can you tell me about that?
We edit all the images we supply to you, professionally, but simply. Our clients love our vibrant, sharp images and warm tones that make our signature style, and our main focus is on consistency throughout the entire set of images. There’s no heavy manipulation to our photos, just rather a beautiful edit that has a timeless feel.

You’ll receive great Full Resolution image files on your USB that you can use to print photos yourself at any time as you wish. However, we do offer fine art photo printing services to our clients that want that next-level product. A good rule to follow: if you’re only going to put one or two large photographs on the wall, do it right the first time and let the professionals produce it for you. Any photographic prints we produce for you, or any images going into an Album, get another finer level edit again if needed, before sending off to the pro-industry photo lab we use in Melbourne. Our printers and album suppliers print on museum grade archival quality photo paper, that won’t fade over time, supported by a 100-year quality guarantee.

We deliver around 10 percent of your photographs in black & white. We’re pretty good at getting a feel for the mood of an image and what images work far better in black & white.

How long will our photos take?
Your USB package will be in the mail inside 6 weeks. It’s written into your contract, so you’ve always got peace of mind that there won’t be any massive months-long wait.

How many photos will we receive?
How many photos you receive comes down to many factors, such as how long we are there for; how many guests you have and how active/shy they are; what the weather is doing; details on the day, and so on. We don’t promise a certain amount per hour, as that can be limiting. Instead we give as many photos as we can, that best tell the story of your wedding day. Sometimes that number is 450 photos, sometimes it’s 800. There’s no set shots or method that allows us to arrive at an exact number – every wedding is unique.

Where are you based? What about travel?
We love photographing Yarra Valley weddings, but we can work anywhere. We’re currently in Balwyn, 30 minutes out of Melbourne City, in Victoria. We’re happy to cover weddings in a 2 hour drive radius at no charge. We’ve photographed many weddings in Queensland, and a couple overseas (we love travelling) and we’ll happily travel to your wedding wherever it is, we just may need to charge a small fee. Get in touch and we can talk details.

Do you do a lot of posing, or recreate moments?
Oh gosh, no! We think there’s nothing worse than the celebrant stopping the ceremony at different intervals for the photographers to “take a photo” – it’s awkward, and weird for the guests. For example, we’d rather take photos of the signing as it happens, than a posed photos afterwards pretending to sign the certificate. We’re much more fly-on-the-wall, and during the ceremony you hopefully won’t notice us at all. During the family photos or group photo, of course you’ll need us to take charge, but we certainly don’t run the whole wedding day like it’s a really long photoshoot. We photograph moments as they naturally happen.

Our wedding won’t be very traditional, is that cool?
It’s very cool. There’s a lot of crazy wedding traditions out there, that just don’t make sense these days. Not keen on a bouquet toss? don’t do it! Don’t want a bridal party at all? Scrap it. Your wedding should be as unique to you both as possible, and shouldn’t fit a mould. We’ve photographed some crazy moments over the years, and have some cool stories of unique weddings we could share, so we hope that trend continues.

What’s required to book in and secure our wedding date?
A deposit of $800 and a signed contract will lock in your date with us. We have a booking form that asks a few basic details we need, then we prep the documents and send them through. It’s all handled digitally, even the signing. The deposit is the same, regardless of your chosen collection, so you can upgrade at any time before the wedding.

Can we meet in person before we book or before the wedding?
Yes, of course. We would love to get together with you both over a coffee, and show you some more of our work and explain what we do and answer any questions. We’ll even do it with absolutely no sales-pitch. We’re very anti “sleazy used car salesman” tactics. We’d love for you both to leave the meeting and then decide if we’re the perfect match for capturing your wedding day, and then get back to us to lock it in.

Occasionally there’s times where we can’t meet before booking in (we work with a lot of out-of-town couples or destination wedding) and we’ve met via skype, but we think it’s invaluable to catch up in-person atleast once before the wedding day, to get to know each other a little. We’ll be spending a bunch of time with you on the wedding day, so it certainly helps to have everyone comfortable. If it’s been a year and a half since we first met til the wedding day, then catching up again in-person in the few weeks before the wedding is an awesome idea. Of course, we’re always just an email or messenger chat away during the lead up to the wedding, feel free to reach out as often as you need.

What are your Adventure Sessions? (or engagement shoots)
We call them Adventure Sessions because we love to have a blast when we’re out photographing couples. We explore new places, often shoot at multiple locations and have an adventure together along the way, getting to know each other a little. “Engagement Shoot” is a term that can be confusing in Australia. It doesn’t mean “covering your engagement party” or anything like that, but rather a Couple’s Session that happens after you’ve got engaged, and before your wedding. The ideas is you get the chance to be in front of the camera for an hour or so, get loosened up and used to the comfortable way we photograph our couples, and end up with some awesome photos of yourselves afterwards that aren’t in your wedding outfits or selfies at arms length. These photos come in handy for guestbooks or invitations as well. We call them Adventure Sessions as we’re often shooting them at any time, even with our past married couples, several years later. The best time to schedule your Adventure Session is in that hour or so before sunset for beautiful warm light.

How long should we allow for photos with our bridal party
45 minutes to an hour is a great amount of time. Add travel on top of that if we’re driving off to different locations for photos. 30 minutes or less and we’d probably be rushed, and likewise 90 minutes or more is overkill. We’re pretty ace at capturing some great photos, and getting you back to your family and friends sooner, rather than spending the day posing with us. On average we’re probably spending 10 or 15 minutes with your whole bridal party first, then allowing them to head back and join the party while we spend another 30 minutes capturing some awesome photos with just the two of you.

Can you help with our timeline?
Yes absolutely. We’ve got a few samples we can supply, but we’ll happily sit down with you and talk you through what you need to consider, and sketch up something custom for you. Considering your timeline: the lighting of the day, sunset, etc, all plays into you getting the most out of your wedding day and your photography. We’re here to help.

I’ve seen cheaper photographers – I guess you’re full time?
This is our full time gig. We’re not the cheapest wedding photographers around, but we’re not the most expensive either. You’ll find the cheaper guys are often supporting themselves with part-time jobs, shooting just a couple of wedding a year to supplement their income. But you’ll find they don’t have the insurances and backup procedures in place that a professional should have; the experience to adapt to a wedding day’s challenges; and won’t often do your wedding day justice. Most of all, they’re not just not Glen & Fiona from Lionheart.

Do you have Insurance?
Absolutely we do. In Melbourne, some wedding venues will insist that any contractor that comes on to their property to work, such as a photographer on a wedding day, be covered by 5 million or upto 20 million in Public Liability Insurance. Please feel free to request a copy of our Certificate for 20 Million Public Liability cover at any time.

What’s your backup system? Are our photos safe?
We follow a 3-2-1 backup system for our data & photos. The idea there being, they don’t exist unless they’re in 3 places, on 2 types of media, and 1 of them being off-site (not in the same building) – It’s kind of a nerd thing we insist on following.

Our dslr cameras feature dual memory card slots, which means for every photograph we capture, it’s written to two cards at once, providing an instant backup. Returning from a wedding, we backup our weddings to two hard drives in our office. Then we have an off-site hard drive that we rotate out weekly in addition to the office copies, which means your photos are safe even if our place place is hit by a missile. We also use a service called crashplan, and thanks to NBN we’re backing up those huge raw files constantly to the cloud, which essentially gives us a second off-site backup. Your memories couldn’t be safer.

What’s your stance on marriage equality?
“No freedom ’til we’re equal. Damn right I support it!” – Same Love, Ben Macklemore Haggerty