How it works - Your experience

Your wedding should be an all-day, crazy-awesome party, celebrating the love you have for each other.

It’s such an important day in your lives, and we know you want to have a heap of fun yet still feel relaxed & comfortable, supported by an awesome crew that you trust wholeheartedly.

And the last thing you want is to be led through a list of scripted poses and feeling awkward in front of the camera on the day, or worse, receive back photos that leave you feeling like they're "not you".

We’re here to help couples have an amazing, stress-free wedding day & photography experience by ditching the posing & cringey stuff, and focusing instead on who you guys are as a couple and the chemistry between you, plus all those rad little moments you’ll share with your family & friends throughout the best day of your lives so far.

From getting ready to getting your dance on

It starts with full-day wedding photography coverage from both of us - Glen and Fiona.

We want to document your wedding day for you in a genuine & honest way. By that we mean we'll photograph the day just as it unfolds organically. Nothing rushed or staged (but we do give a little direction anytime it’s needed so no-one’s feeling awkward or lost).

And no wedding day is actually done & dusted inside 3 or 4 hours - there's so much of the story of your wedding day that happens outside of that - so we're usually around for 8 or more hours, really getting our hands dirty.

There's always some fun stuff happening during the "getting ready" part of the day, so we love to be around for the last bits of that. Plus it means you get to warm up to having us and our cameras around, and it just helps to set a nice relaxed tone for the day.

“Glen & Fiona are absolutely incredible!! We were completely blown away from the very start. The most down to earth, patient, beautiful couple. The whole experience was just perfect. We had so much fun and we are over the moon with what they created. Thank you both so much, we can’t sing your praises enough!!”

– Megan & Paul

Wedding ceremonies that matter

Getting married is pretty awesome - take it from us - and at the center of all that is your wedding ceremony. We probably put more emphasis on photographing the ceremony to the next level than other photographers because we believe it's such an awesome, important part of the day.

We don't interrupt or pause anything, we simply document it all as it happens, and it's happening for you and your guests first and foremost, so we don't get in the way of that. There won't be any staging of certificate signings or repeating the first kiss for the cameras, that's lame.

We'll photograph your wedding ceremony with a guests point of view in mind, giving your photos an immersive feel.


Our goal is not only to create beautiful photographs for you, but to also capture all those emotions and feelings you get throughout the day as well.

We want your photographs to act like a time machine, so that whenever you look back on them, you’re instantly transported back to how you felt in that moment.

Wedding Photography packages in Melbourne

Moments over poses

We just love photographing people, rather than poses.

We’re pretty ace at getting our couples relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, evoking natural emotions, and within minutes you’ve forgotten the cameras are even there.

We love to create portraits that are genuine to who you guys are. We’re far more interested in you both and your connection to each other, over the locations we’re shooting at or all the fancy little details. Those things are awesome too, but what you guys have together is a far more interesting story to tell.

Wedding Photography, how it works.

Candid photos of your family & friends

Your wedding is essentially a massive party surrounded by your loved ones, and we want to capture them too.  We love to blend in as guests while we're taking photos.

You'll find us taking candids of people laughing and catching up for the first time in ages, or hustling together groups of friends for a portrait.

And we'll definitely be on-hand to capture everyone cutting shapes tearing up the dance floor.

A team to capture the day

You’ll get both of us - Glen & Fiona - on the day.

You don’t exactly get two photographers taking photos non-stop all day (that would actually be too much) but rather a team that documents the day the best way possible.

There’s parts of the day when we’re both taking photos, like the ceremony where we’re getting different angles for you, and then there’s the parts of the day when we get the best results from just one of us pointing a camera, and the other assisting with gear/flashes/reflectors/holding bouquets/making bad jokes - and all that fun stuff.


Let's get down to business: Pricing!

Our full-day wedding photography options start at $3800 for coverage of your wedding day by the two of us – Glen, your photographer, and Fiona, second shooter & assistant.

Our Monday to Thursday elopements and mini weddings start at $900.

From there we can customize your Wedding Photography experience with additions such as a gorgeous Leather-bound Album or an Engagement Session. More about those further down this page.

Keen to check out if we're free for your wedding date and get our full pricelist breakdown? Fill in the form below now. We're already booking 2022 wedding dates now.

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We love relaxed winery, backyard & farm weddings! Dig into a full blog post of a real wedding below.

Our COVID-Safe Plan

This is Lionheart’s COVID-safe plan in respect to Adventure Sessions, Couple’s Shoots and Family Shoots. Lionheart Photography is dedicated to protecting our clients and our community by following...

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Damn fine wedding albums

Should we be investing in an Album?
Absolutely! We do offer wedding photography coverage that doesn’t include an album or extras, because they’re not for everybody and you might want to look at it later down the track. But as we write this, looking at our most recent 10 weddings, 7 of those couples have invested in an Album – That’s amazing!

We believe in Albums so much, because we believe in creating family heirlooms. Something that you’ll pass down to your kids and grandkids, and you just simply can’t do that with a USB stick. Once we put one of our Hand-Crafted Albums in a couple’s hands, it’s hard to dispute the quality and the emotional connection you get from having something to hold and share. When we started our career in wedding photography it was all about delivering images on CD’s, and now you can’t even buy a laptop with a CD drive! They’ve become obsolete. We believe beautiful photographs should be shared and enjoyed, not lost to technology.

Our hand-crafted wedding albums start at $1750 and we offer a discount of 20% when purchased ahead of your wedding date. 

Wedding Albums

Adventure sessions

Wether you call it an Engagement Shoot, a Couples Session, or as we do, an Adventure Session, here’s your chance to get some awesome photos of the two of you (not in wedding outfits).

We'll take a little time to get to know you, and get you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding rolls around. If you're getting married at a winery or farm, let's do something different and head to a forest or maybe a beach for the shoot - lets get creative!

Adventure Sessions are $800. Smash the button to check out some Couple's Shoots on our Blog!


Beautiful & heartfelt & ridiculous & silly

OMG these photos are amazing. You guys are phenomenal. They are the perfect mix of beautiful and heartfelt and ridiculous and silly. The whole day rushed by so fast and I am so glad we have such brilliant photos to look back on to help us remember it all! Special shout-out definitely goes to Fi for the shots she took while lying down on the ground/in the kangaroo sh*t! They came out wonderful.

– Kate & Brodie