When it rains on your wedding day

Rain On My Parade, Will Ya?

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This past few days of storms across the east coast of Australia have really been something. Rain, flash flooding, angry clouds traversing the sky. More and more rain. But rain isn’t always bad, it’s usually something that really gets my creativity going. I wrap a blanket around myself and really settle into the zone. It might sound a little strange, but sometimes I use an app like Noisli to simulate rain and thunder for a little background noise while I edit away on your photographs. On those days, I have the freedom to click pause on the thunderstorm simulation, and go for a stroll around town to loosen up. But of course, I couldn’t pause the real storms that were hitting us.

So what do you do on those days where you’re pinned down by storms, and can’t really leave the “editing cave” (as we photographers call it)? Well, I guess you just work with it, no? Even more than rain, we had a number of power black outs here at our place. Talk about raining on my parade. It’s really a funny feeling when you’re typing away on the computer and the whole house just shuts down. BZZZzzzzzwwwwugh-. We don’t have ourselves an Uninterrupted Power Supply, but thank God we use programs that automatically write our changes as we make them. Nothing lost, except a little time. I didn’t plan for the power cut, but that’s ok. I’ve got a notepad here somewhere, so maybe I’ll write a blog post. With pencil this time, instead of tapping away at plastic keys, that sure something different.

When it rains on your wedding day
Is Milli cold as hell in this photo? Yes! Clearly. But she’s smiling, because she knows we’re writing another chapter in their story right now.

But the storms got me thinking… If life was perfect, we wouldn’t have storms. Wouldn’t that be nice? We wouldn’t have rain on a wedding day. Every wedding would run on time, the celebrant’s PA wouldn’t squeal like a piglet, the flowers would show up the correct shade of purple for once, and the photographers would get fed at the right time of the night rather than mid speeches (sorry about that last one, haha).

That’s what everyone aims for, the perfect wedding day. But who wants perfection, really? When you honestly think about it. All we would really end up with is a lack of stories to tell. Without the rain, you don’t get that safe, cosy feeling. Or that little creativity boost, in my case. Sometimes a perfect blue sky is just too damn boring! Screw it, let’s embrace the rain when it comes, or that broken microphone, or whatever it is. Let’s be grateful for it even. Imperfections are the glue of a good story, a story worth telling.

Because when you stop to think about it, the world being screwed up is actually far better than the world being perfect.


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