Glen and Fiona from Lionheart Photography, stomping on grapes at Oakridge Winery.

A Little About Us

Hey hey. We’re Glen & Fiona. A husband & wife team with a mad passion for photographing rad weddings for awesome couples around Australia – wherever they may be.

We’ve been married 8 years ourselves now, together for 16 years, and we can tell you first hand, there’s no greater feeling in life than finding & marrying your soul-mate. Nawwww.

We love traveling, chasing sunsets and exploring new places (feel free to give us some adventure location tips), but we’re equal measures couch potatoes too.

We’re passionate about spending time with our family & friends; checking out food truck parks and trying new restaurants; date nights out at the cinema watching the latest superhero films and cuddling up on the couch binging on Netflix for far too long.

To be a little corny: We believe in growing old, not growing up.

Glen photographing a wedding couple

Glen and Fiona from Lionheart

So What’s It Like Having Lionheart
On Your Wedding Day Crew?

Hear Straight From Our Couples
Glen & Fiona were amazing. We knew they were the perfect fit when we spent a couple of hours in our first meeting, talking about Star Wars, Mexican food and falling in love with our Surprise-Birthday-Wedding ideas.

On the day, they made us feel comfortable standing in front of the camera, capturing Ben and I exactly how we are, no fake cheesy grins or structured poses. Just capturing the moment with a very laid back approach that we both appreciate.

With my birthday being the day of the wedding, Glen somehow managed to sneak off during the night to get one of the photos we had just taken printed and put in a frame to give to me. They stopped at nothing to make sure that we got all that we wanted from the day. Towards the end of the night, Fiona followed Ben around for half an hour or so getting “selfies” with everyone.

They both went above and beyond to make our day absolutely amazing!

– Danica